Friday, June 19, 2009

Must Be The Season Of The "Witchblade"...

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Filmed in Toronto, the complete 2 season series of the live-action TV adaptation of Top Cow Comics "Witchblade" is available on DVD:

"...New York homicide detective 'Sara Pezzini' (Yancy Butler) doesn't know why the forces of the universe have chosen her to possess the awesome living weapon called the 'Witchblade'. But it is hers to wear and to wield in the fight against crime, although it comes with a terrifying price. Evil foes seek the Witchblade, setting in motion an ongoing battle that may cost the lives of those Sara holds dearest.

In these 24 live-action episodes based on the popular comic books, Sara gradually discovers her amazing ancient link to the mysterious weapon as she wars against evildoers both natural and supernatural.

The cutting edge of excitement belongs to Sara Pezzini - and the Witchblade..."