Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Suck" @ TIFF- September 11...

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As Sneak Peek first reported December 2008 , the Toronto-lensed comedy horror feature "Suck" from Capri Vision Inc., a division of Capri Films, is written/directed by Canadian musician/actor Rob Stefaniuk - featuring acting turns from rockers Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Henry Rollins and Moby, following a group of rock ‘n’ roll wannabes in search of immortality and a record deal.

"...Seemingly doomed to roadtrip doldrums and dives, the band 'The Winners' break their slump when their female bass player disappears one night with a studly, stylin’ vampire. She returns charged with sexual charisma that creates audience frenzy and eventually ensnares the rest of the band. Their “hook” launches them to fame. But fame turns out to be a different kind of Hell than AC/DC promised.

Following an 'incident' on a national radio show with 'Rockn’ Roger', The Winners hit mega-stardom beyond their wildest dreams. But 'Joey' is haunted by an eerie bartender with a dark secret. And legendary vampire hunter, 'Eddie Van Helsing' (Malcolm "A Clockwork Orange" McDowell) , is on their tail tracking them down despite his fear of the dark..."

"Suck" is produced by Robin Crumley and Jeff Rogers, co-producer is Victoria Hirst, executive producers Gabriella Martinelli, Jeff Sackman, Brad Peyton and Terry Markus.

"Suck" will have its World Premiere as part of the Toronto International Film Festival's 'Contemporary World Cinema' programme, Friday September
11, 2009...