Thursday, August 27, 2009

Will "Green Lantern" Power Up In Toronto...?

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Reports suggest that Pinewood Toronto (formerly Filmport), the largest (and newest) indoor film studio facility in North America, may host Warners upcoming adaptation of DC Comics "Green Lantern".

The film's scheduled shoot in Australia (where the poorly-performing "Superman Returns" was lensed), could push ballooning production costs north of $150 million.

At issue is that the film would no longer qualify for certain tax credits, making an Australian start more expensive than filming in Toronto, where the Ontario government is offering generous tax breaks for the new "Resident Evil: Afterlife" feature, Steven Spielberg's untitled alien invasion series for TNT, Universal's "Scott Pilgrim" and producer M. Knight Shyamalan's "Devil"

The fact that Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds has already been cast as 'Hal Jordan', aka 'Green Lantern' will also go a long way towards sweetening up a Canadian film tax credit package.

Meanwhile Sneak Peek an HD trailer for "Green Lantern: First Flight", the fifth entry in the DVD series of DC Universe animated movies...