Toronto's IMAX Looks Into New 3D Digital Camera

Toronto-based IMAX, the 'giant-screen' pioneer, has revealed plans to build a new 3D digital camera, prepping for a 2011 rollout, following news that IMAX will partner with Discovery Communications and Sony Corp. to launch a cable TV network dedicated to 3D content.

"Given the significant amount of 3D content being developed over the past 12-18 months, requests from filmmakers for an Imax 3D digital camera, consumer appetite for the Imax experience and this week's joint venture announcement for the 3D television network, we believe the timing of this initiative could not be better," said Greg Foster, chairman, president IMAX filmed entertainment.

Since the 1980s, Imax has developed a series of analog 3D cameras that use two lenses to record images simultaneously on two film strips. The film is later projected in stereo on IMAX screens as part of the company's proprietary 3D system.

IMAX said a new digital 3D camera will provide premium content for its theatre network, content for its joint venture 3D TV network with Discovery/Sony and lower overall production costs for 3D filmmaking, doing away with 'pricey' film stock...