Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bronfman Behind $20 Million Toronto Production Hub

Committed to nurturing Toronto's role as one of North America's most active production centres coupled with a renewed optimism that the days of Toronto's high-salaried, NDP government chasing away big business (and big budget) studio projects from the city will be a thing of the past following the next municipal election, Paul Bronfman, Chairman, CEO of Comweb Group Inc. and William F. White International Inc. report that the development of 'William F. White Centre', the largest and most significant facility in the company's 47-year history, will be a $20-million, world-class production complex, that will function as a 'hub' for industry professionals, while offering a full-range of production and related support services under one roof.

Located in Toronto at 800 Islington Ave., a few blocks south of the company's existing west-end location and within distance of Pinewood Toronto Studios, the new 338,000 square-foot complex will be situated on 17 acres of prime real estate, on a corner lot, minutes from downtown Toronto and the city's international airport.

William F. White International Inc. will occupy nearly half of the building, with the balance of space earmarked to house additional production support service businesses including White's 3D Camera Company.

"For well over three years, we've been searching for the perfect facility where we can effectively serve a vast range of production professionals and this location couldn't be better," said Bronfman.

"Ontario's enhanced all-spend tax credit recently introduced by the Ontario (Liberal) Government, combined with a rebound in US production and a healthy indigenous industry helped this facility become a reality."