Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Miss Universe Canada 2010"- June 12 Preliminary

62 contestants continue to compete for the title of 'Miss Universe Canada, now in its 3rd year @ the Metro Toronto Convention Centre's John Bassett Theatre venue, with preliminaries held June 12 and a finale coming up June 14.

Created in 2002, the “Beauties of Canada” Organization has the exclusive rights to send a Canadian representative to the Miss Universe Pageant, with National Delegates competing for the title of 'Miss Universe Canada 2010', representing Canada at the 'Miss Universe 2010' competition, later this summer.

Canada is one of only four countries (including France, Germany, and the USA) competing in the 'Miss Universe' pageant since its inception in 1952.

"This is an exciting year, where we have brilliant, ambitious Canadian women from all walks of life competing to represent our country on the world stage," said Denis Davila, National Director of Miss Universe Canada. "Not only are this year's delegates multicultural diverse, but all have different academic, humanitarian, intellectual and other goals that they work to shed a spotlight on through this competition...The winner of the competition is not just the smartest or most beautiful woman, but someone who has the whole package, someone Canadians can fall in love with and relate to."

"...Since 2003, the 'Miss Universe Canada Organization' has strived to be an active member of the GTA community. We’re proud to have addressed over 10,000 students at schools thru the MUC inspirational speaking tour. Our talks focus on the importance of education, setting goals, pursuing your dreams as well as delivering an anti-bullying campaign..."

The reigning Miss Universe Canada, Mariana Valente will assist in crowning her successor.

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