Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Dredd" Is The Law @ TIFF

According to reports, Stuart Ford of IM Global has landed more than $30 million in foreign pre-sales @ the Toronto International Film Festival for DNA Films upcoming sci fi, comic book-to-film feature "Dredd".

The $45 million 3D adaptation of comic book character "Judge Dredd" directed by Pete Travis will start in South Africa this November.

The "Dredd" deal, signing up 90% of world rights, signifies that TIFF also functions as a reputable market for pre-sales. "Dredd" is financed by IM Global and Reliance Big Entertainment.

Territories sold include Germany (Universum), Spain (Aurum), Australia (Icon), Canada (Alliance), Russia (CP Media), Benelux (eOne), Latin America (IDC) and Scandinavia (Svensk).

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