Toronto Preps For "Pacific Rim"

Exclusive: Sneak Peek has learned that Pinewood Toronto Studios, offering the largest indoor soundstage in North America, will host director Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming Legendary Pictures', PG-rated, 'mecha monster movie' "Pacific Rim", following principal photography on Columbia Pictures' $200 million feature film reboot of "Total Recall".

Actor Charlie Hunnam ("Sons Of Anarchy") will lead the cast this fall, in a storyline where hostile ET's from a parallel world called 'The Anteverse', try to destroy humanity by first attacking cities and nations neighboring the Pacific Ocean. The creatures are thwarted in their attempts by Earth-made, high-tech, weapons-ready robots, with Hunnam's character, 'Raleigh Antrobus' as a pilot of one of the advanced 'machines'.

Legendary Pictures purchased the screenplay for "Pacific Rim" in a pre-emptive buy from screenwriter Travis Beacham ("Clash Of The Titans").

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