Nicole Kidman's "Trespass" - November 1, 2011

Montreal-based V V S Films will release the $35 million budgeted, psychological thriller "Trespass", directed by Joel Schumacher ("The Lost Boys"), starring Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman, on DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Download and Video On-Demand (VOD), November 1, 2011, across Canada :

"...'Kyle Miller' (Cage) is an eccentric diamond dealer who struggles to provide an exceptional lifestyle for his wife 'Sarah' (Kidman) and teenage daughter 'Avery' (Liana Liberato).

"But a sudden 'home invasion' suddenly evolves into something far more complicated as the three are taken hostage by extortionists, with a cycle of betrayal and deception emerging in the pressured conditions..."

"Trespass" is produced by Boaz Davidson, Avi Lerner, Irwin Winkler and David Winkler.

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