"Resident Evil"- 'The Umbrella Corporation': Our Business Is Life Itself

The evil 'Umbrella Corporation' from the upcoming "Resident Evil: Retribution" 3D feature, starring Milla Jovovich is offering a viral 'stock IPO', for the continued manufacture of their drugs 'Adravil', 'Regenerate' and 'Return'.
"...'The Umbrella Corporation' has filed with the 'Global Exchange and Securities Commission' for a proposed initial public offering of its common stock.
"The Umbrella Corporation is involved in advanced research and development that includes clinical trials, scientific testing, and drug creation aimed at improving the health and condition of mankind and complete eradication of human suffering.
"Additionally, in this time of economic turmoil, The Umbrella Corporation will seek to shelter stockholders from the impending fiscal storm and provide coverage and stability for their families and themselves in a world made better by The Umbrella Corporation.
"The Umbrella Corporation is a biotech leader focused on the development of pharmaceuticals and technology designed for the betterment of all mankind. Our Business is Life Itself..."
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