Sink Your Teeth Into Werewolf "Bitten"

Greg Bryk ("A History Of Violence"), Greyston Holt ("Alcatraz") and Paul Greene ("The Client List") have joined Laura Vandervoort ("Smallville") in the new 'werewolf' TV series "Bitten", now shooting in studio and on location in Toronto, Hamilton and in the Hespeler area near Cambridge, Ontario until late summer.

Based on the "Women of the Otherworld" novels by author Kelley Armstrong, the thriller stars Vandervoort as 'Elena Michaels', the world’s only female werewolf:

"...a foster child, 'Elena' (Vandervoort) had always craved a normal life and thought she finally found it with her boyfriend 'Clayton Danvers' (Holt). 

"But the secret life he kept from her ended up changing her forever. With one small bite, Elena was forced to survive life with the 'Pack' as a werewolf.

"Still craving the normal life she lost, Elena finds refuge in Toronto working as a photographer and dating a new man. Hiding her werewolf existence from her ad-exec boyfriend 'Phillip McAdams' (Greene), Elena is pulled back into her former life when victims turn up in the backwoods of 'Stonehaven', the rural mansion that has served as a werewolf sanctuary for generations.

"Caught between two worlds and two loves, Elena returns to Stonehaven out of duty, turning to Clay’s foster-father and leader of the Pack 'Jeremy Danvers' (Bryk) for support. But once back in the fold, Elena realizes that when push comes to shove, like any true alpha female, she’ll stop at nothing to defend her family..."

Also joining the cast are Paulino Nunes and Steve Lund as werewolf father and son 'Antonio' and 'Nick Sorrentino', Natalie Brown as 'Diane', Philip’s sister and Elena’s best friend in Toronto, Michael Xavier as werewolf 'Logan', Genelle Williams as Logan’s girlfriend 'Rachel' and Joel Keller as werewolf 'Peter'.

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