Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Hell On Wheels" - RIP 'Sidney Snow'

Toronto actor Jonathan Scarfe plays the long-haired, drunken, gun-slinging marshall 'Sidney Snow' in AMC's "Hell On Wheels":

"He's a snake-charmer," said Scarfe. "...a charming sociopath freed from the shackles of a conscience..."

The character, about to be hanged, is introduced in 'Episode 405', "Life's a Mystery".

"...luckily, the noose that my head was in was not actually attached to anything solid," said Scarfe. "It was just the noose going up to a light piece of string, so even if something went wrong, it would just snap. 

"I had a harness on under the costume, so when I did get jerked off the horse, all the weight was on the harness. Though, it was me getting jerked off that horse every time. That was fun!"

In 'Episode 410', "Return to Hell", Scarfe had to film around a raging fire, but "they do such a good job of keeping the stunts organized, and there were medics and a fire truck standing by. They’re incredibly safe about it. Besides, I wasn’t in the middle of the flames — I just stood outside to wait."

Does Scarfe think he has what it takes to be a marshal back in the Old West ?

"Yeah, I’d like to think so, " he said. "I think I might actually be kind of good at that job..."

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