Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"Suicide Squad" - More Leaked Images

Sneak Peek more leaked images from the Toronto set of director Daid Ayer's currently shooting DC Comics adaptation "Suicide Squad", revealing the actor Common ("Hell On Wheels") in character and in costume:

Some fans are speculating that Common is playing DC Comics 'Abel Tarrant', aka 'The Tattooed Man', who uses an ink with special properties to tattoo himself and is then able to bring the tattoos to 'life'.

But the strong 'Suicide Squad' connection is with the character 'Ben Turner' aka 'Bronze Tiger'.

"...'Ben Turner' comes from an upper middle class black neighborhood in Central City. When he was only 10 years old, he saw a burglar attacking his parents, and he proceeded to kill the man with a kitchen knife. In an effort to control the rage inside him, Turner turns to martial arts (and eventually, crime).

"After some time, Turner decides to travel to the far East in order to finally come to terms with his demons. There, he meets the 'O-Sensei' and studies under him.

"'Amanda Waller' later recruits Turner for the 'Suicide Squad', setting him up to become the team's leader, but he ends up the team's second-in-command under 'Rick Flag'.

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