Wednesday, January 2, 2019

"Titans" - 'Krypto' Unleashed

Take a look at DC Comics' superdog 'Krypto' from the "Titans" live-action episode "Dick Grayson":

DC's "The Legion Of Super-Pets" appeared in various comic books, starting with 'Krypto' (1955) followed by a 'superanimals' debut in "Adventure Comics" #293 (1962).

The roster included Krypto, 'Comet' the 'Super-Horse', 'Streaky' the 'Super-Cat', 'Beppo' the 'Super-Monkey' from 'Krypton' and shape-shifter 'Proty II'.

Significant appearances include issue #322 (July 1964) when 'Proty II' is initiated into the team and issue #343 (April 1966), with the 'Super-Pets' helping the 'Legion of Super-Heroes' battle the 'Luck Lords'.

Issue #364 (January 1968) was titled, "The Revolt of the Super-Pets!"

The team rarely appeared after the Silver Age except for 'Krypto' who become a supporting character in various "Superman" comic book titles. 

Other versions of the 'Super-Pets' appeared in "DC Super Friends" #14 and on the cover of Marvel Comics' "Not Brand Echh" #7.

DC Super Friends included 'Ace the Bat-Hound'.

Also in Super Friends was the 'Aquaman' octopus 'Topo' and 'Jumpa' the 'Wonder Woman' kangaroo. 

The group was led by 'Ch'p', a squirrel-like 'Green Lantern', that predated Marvel's 'Rocket Raccoon'.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek 'Krypto'......

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