Wednesday, March 13, 2019

"Dare Me" Production Start

The Netflix/USA Network TV mystery series "Dare Me", based on the 2012 'cheerleading' novel by Megan Abbott, starts 15 weeks of filming April 22, 2019 in Toronto:

"...inspired by the competitive world of American High School sports cheerleading, 'Dare Me' follows 'Addy' and her manipulative childhood friend Beth, a cheerleading coach, who has always been the leader with Addy her faithful lieutenant.

"Then when a new 'Coach' arrives, things change quickly and very soon Beth and Addy engage in a battle of wills. Addy adores the new 'Coach' and is always willing to do her bidding, which in turn fuels Beth's jealousy. When the other team members gather at Coach's house for drinking sessions, Beth does not go there, but always watches, waiting for her moment.

"The girls are pushed to physical and psychological extremes as they vie for the best position on the team. Injury is just one wobble away. Then one dark night Addy is drawn into a nightmare..."

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