Tuesday, October 22, 2019

"Titans: Jericho" On DC Universe

The next episode of the Toronto-lensed "Titans", based on the DC Comics superhero team, is titled "Jericho", streaming October 25, 2019 on DC Universe:

"...'Dick' finally reveals the truth to the team and, in flashback, we learn the secret behind the 'Deathstroke' vendetta against the 'Titans'.

"Now after the death of 'Garth'/'Aqualad', Dick, 'Donna', 'Dawn' and 'Hank' befriend 'Jericho Wilson' (Chella Man) the son of Deathstroke. 

"Realizing that devotion to his son might be Deathstroke's only weakness, Dick is eager to use the information against his nemesis. 

"But as the Titans' friendship with Jericho grows and he's taken into the fold, Dick is forced to make a choice between loyalty and revenge..."

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