"Titans" - 'Nightwing' Revealed

Take a look at new footage from the Toronto-lensed Season 3 finale episode of "Titans", based on the DC Comics superhero team, revealing the costumed crime-fighter 'Nightwing' (Brenton Thwaites), who previously was 'Robin', the sidekick to 'Batman', streaming November 29, 2019 on DC Universe:

"...'Dick Grayson' (Thwaites) was adopted by billionaire 'Bruce Wayne', after his acrobatic parents were killed in a circus accident. When Bruce revealed he was 'Batman', he offered to train Dick to be his sidekick, 'Robin'. But Bruce 'weaponized' Dick's childhood by turning him into another means to punish the guilty. Dick left 'Gotham' for Chicago and formed the 'Titans'.

"Haunted by the killing of teammate 'Garth' (Drew Van Acker) by 'Deathstroke' (Esai Morales), Dick and the original Titans, including 'Donna Troy' (Conor Leslie), 'Dawn' (Minka Kelly) and 'Hank' (Alan Ritchson) exacted their revenge.

"But now Deathstroke has returned to challenge the Titans and the new 'Nightwing'..."

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