Thursday, October 29, 2020

"Y: The Last Man" on Hulu

Production has started up again on Hulu's live-action, episodic TV series adaptation of the Vertigo (DC) graphic novel "Y: The Last Man", by Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra, starring Ben Schnetzer ("Warcraft") as 'Yorick Brown', Diane Lane as 'Senator Jennifer Brown', Olivia Thirlby as 'Hero Brown',  Ashley Romans as 'Agent 355', Juliana Canfield as 'Beth', Marin Ireland as 'Nora', Amber Tamblyn as 'Mariette Callows' and Timothy Hutton as the 'US President' :

"...'Yorick Brown', an amateur escape artist and his pet Capuchin monkey 'Ampersand'...

"...seem to be the last survivors of a mysterious plague that has killed every other male mammal on Earth.

"The two set off on a globe-spanning journey to reunite with Yorick's girlfriend...

" discover what wiped out the world’s 'Y' chromosomes and find out why only Yorick and the monkey survived..."

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