"Zombie Rock" @ The "Toronto Zombie Walk"

Saturday October 23rd, thousands of 'zombies' took over the streets of downtown Toronto for the 8th annual "Toronto Zombie Walk".

Creatively made up performers shambled their way out of Trinity Bellwood's Park, along Dundas Street East, though Kensington Market, and along Bloor Street West before congregating in hordes @ Christie Pits Park, to hear a special outdoor concert by 'The Von Drats'.

Due to over 6,000 zombie participants at last year's Walk, organizers this year initiated a registration process, presenting all zombies with a collectible 'TZW' toe tag.

Singer 'Oderus Urungus' of Canadian metal band 'GWAR' was awarded the title of 'First Honorary Grand Marshall' by event organizers before the start of the Walk.

Most participants in the 'Walk' were 'dead-serious' about their zombie portrayals, featuring startling make-ups and prosthetics.

The evening was topped off with an Official After Party @ Queen Street West's "Bovine Sex Club", free for all zombies, featuring the band "Delinquints".

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek our exclusive video of the"Toronto Zombie Walk" featuring the song "Zombie Rock" by Stevens & Puzzella...