Thursday, November 4, 2010

Joker Sells "Daydream Nation" To Anchor Bay

Following the Canadian film "Daydream Nation", opening September's TIFF 'Canada First! Program', Tim Brown's Joker Films has now sold director Michael Goldbach’s first feature to Anchor Bay Films, who acquired distribution rights for the US, UK and Australia/New Zealand territories.

"...'Caroline Wexler' (Kat Dennings) is a witty, sexy 17 year old who quickly realizes she has little in common with the 'hicks' that populate her new high school. So she has an affair with the one person she connects with – her handsome young teacher, 'Mr. Anderson'. Caroline’s extracurricular affair takes a turn for the worse when she realizes Andreson is not only deeply dysfunctional, but also tormented by a mysterious past. When she breaks off the affair in favor of a classmate, Anderson does everything to sabotage the budding high school romance. Caroline’s chaotic life begins to mirror the hysteria of the small town as rumors of a killer start to swirl. In the middle of a high school party-turned full blown riot, Caroline’s life changes forever..."

The film also stars Reece Thompson, Andie McDowell, Rachel Blanchard and Josh Lucas.

"Daydream Nation" was produced by Trish Dolman and Christine Haebler of Screen Siren Pictures and The Film Farm, in association with Lila 9th Productions.

The film will be released theatrically by Anchor Bay in 2011.

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