Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lynn Johnston: "Something Old, Something New"

Canadian cartoonist Lynn Johnston's new hardcover book "Something Old, Something New", featuring the comic strip "For Better Or For Worse" is currently available from Simon and Schuster Canada.

Johnston's comic strip "For Better or For Worse" debuted in 1979, featuring 'Elly' and 'John Patterson', their children 'Michael', 'Elizabeth', 'April' and their family dog 'Farley'.

Since then, "For Better Or For Worse" has been syndicated to over 2,000 international newspapers.

"Something Old, Something New", is based on the strip's first three collections, with Johnston enhancing her original illustrations, while adding new storylines.

"Trying to draw the way I did back then was a challenge I enjoyed," said Johnston. "It was fun to play with kids and the dog and slapstick adults."
"Something Old, Something New" also includes notes by Johnston, explaining her ideas on specific strips, events in her life and the process of creating "For Better or For Worse".

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