Thursday, October 15, 2009

Superhero Costumes: Suit Yourself...

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The official "Batgirl" costume, from a licensed line of stage quality wardrobes, includes jumpsuit, bustier, cape, gauntlets, boot covers, collar, belt and eye mask.

There have been many incarnations of "Batgirl" since the 1960's including 'Barbara Gordon', the Gotham police commissioner's daughter and 'Barbara Wilson', the niece of 'Alfred', butler to 'Bruce Wayne'.

Authentic Batgirl Costume - Ultra Supreme Batgirl Costume

Adult Batgirl Secret Wishes Costume - Authentic Batman Costumes

The officially licensed 'Gotham Girls' "Poison Ivy" costume includes lime and vine green velvet leotard with vine sleevelets, lime green tights, vine boot tops and red wig.

Adult Poison Ivy Costume - Gotham Girls Batman Costumes

The official "Catwoman" costume includes a vinyl suit, mask and gloves.

Sexy Catwoman Costume - Catwoman Costumes

The official "Supergirl" costume includes red and blue polyester pull-over dress with velvet bodice and embroidered Superman emblem, metallic lamae skirt, attached red lamae cape, adjustable gold belt and metallic red boots with gold accents.

Sexy Supergirl Costume - Sexy Halloween Costumes

The official "Harley Quinn" costume includes the jumpsuit with attached boot tops, collar, eye mask, gloves and headpiece.

"Harley Quinn" is a super-villain in the animated "Batman" TV series as well as DC's "Batman" comics. She has an unhealthy obsession with the "Joker" and revels in her relationship with "Poison Ivy"...

Adult Gotham Girls Harley Quinn Costume - Authentic Batman Costumes